It all starts with a plan

Meticulous planning is the cornerstone of every ARK project, regardless of scale. We believe that the optimal outcome hinges on a solid foundation of strategic planning. Whether it's a grand construction project or a smaller-scale refurbishment, our dedication to comprehensive planning ensures precision, efficiency, and a clear roadmap to success. We believe that by investing time upfront to soundly plan every detail, we set the stage for flawless execution, timely delivery, and ultimately, control over budget and the satisfaction of our clients' needs and expectations.

New Build

ARK can oversee every facet of your new build meticulously. From collaborating with skilled architects and technical experts to navigating legal intricacies, our comprehensive management ensures a seamless construction process. From conceptualization over execution to delivery, we deliver your vision with precision and expertise at every stage of the process.


From minor referbs to shell & core overhalls, ARK can support you at every stage of the process, from planning, designing and construction and we make sure you are part of the entire process and kept updated, even if you can not physically be here.

Pool design & construction

Dive into luxury with our pool design and construction service. From concept to completion, we create bespoke aquatic havens tailored to your vision. Our expertise ensures not just stunning designs but also precise construction, delivering the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for your ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

ARK Energy & Air

ARK Energy and Air services encompass a spectrum of essential solutions. From electrical rewiring ensuring safety and efficiency, Automation systems, installation of air conditioning and heating systems tailored to your needs.

ARK Lighting & Ambience

ARK Lighting & Ambience is tailored to synchronise seamlessly with your property's design and your personal ambience preferences. By understanding your vision, we craft lighting solutions that accentuate the architecture, elevate the atmosphere, and harmonize perfectly with your desired ambiance. From subtle accents to bold statements, our expertise in lighting design brings your space to life exactly as you envision.

ARK Landscaping

ARK Landscaping specializes in the transformation and upkeep of your outdoor sanctuary. We merge your creative vision with practicality, ensuring every garden element serves both aesthetic beauty and functional purpose.

ARK Management & Maintenance Services

ARK Management and Maintenance services extends from overseeing construction and managing legal aspects, to advising on many other elements of your property management and maintenance. From security systems to garden care, Automation and rental management, we're your all-in-one solution for seamless, stress-free property care and enhancement.