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At ARK Property Solutions, we are dedicated to overseeing all facets of property builds and refurbishments, big or small. Our commitment lies in delivering affordable services that ensure a seamless, on-time, and cost-saving process for our clients, fostering trust through a journey marked by efficiency, reliability, and quality.
We operate from Barcelona and Marbella where we cover most of the Costa del Sol.

We can help you though the design phase and coordinate all ressources for your project

We take charge of the entire build process and send you weekly updates

Our team can help you plan the interior design or property staging

ARK property solutions

ARK offers full management of your project. We help you achieve all the elements needed for an effective property build or reformation.

From design to legalities, construction, and quality control, we meticulously plan every aspect of your refurb or new build.

ARK helps you navigate the often complex legal elements of your property project, ensuring the right approvals and avoiding unnecessary delays and penalties.

By leveraging our network to source reputable professionals we can present you with competitive offers from trusted contractors, streamlining the selection process, saving you time, effort and money.

Overseeing construction and managing complexities, minimizing disruptions and maximizing value, delivering your vision without unnecessary stress and with the ability to act upon unforeseen issues effectively.

We understand that staying informed about your project is important. Once per week, we send you a full and complete status report describing progress and an overall confidence index.

Why professional management matters

Managing a New Build or Refurbishment in Spain can be a complex matter due to different factors like legal regulations, cultural or language barriers, and logistical challenges. Having someone oversee the build/refurbishment process is crucial and ultimately leads to a more effective process with cost savings and less frustration.

Some of our work

From small refurbishments to full new builds, we take pride in the projects we undertake. Each one represents our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for delivering results. We're thrilled to showcase a curated selection of these projects, offering a glimpse into what we do.

Villa Alegria

Complete refurbishment of a 444m2 luxury cortijo in Marbella

Villa Sirokko

Refurbishment works of a 600m2 luxury villa in Marbella

Casa Soli

Refurbishment of a 192m2 beach side home in Marbella

Choosing Ark Solutions was undoubtedly the best decision for our project, and we couldn't be happier with the exceptional service and substantial cost savings they provided.

Louise & Henrik Ruby - Villa Alegria August 2023

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