When building or refurbishing your pool

Building a new pool or refurbishing an old one in Spain requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a successful and enjoyable outcome. From legal requirements to design and functionality choices.

What are you building?

When building or renovating a pool in Spain, navigate legal regulations, obtain permits, and prioritize safety. Consult experienced professionals familiar with local regulations and climate considerations. Optimize design for Spain's diverse climate, emphasizing water conservation and energy efficiency. Choose low-maintenance materials and incorporate automated cleaning systems for easy maintenance. Design the pool with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, considering your property's style. Establish a clear budget covering construction, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance, including a contingency fund. Prioritize safety with features like non-slip surfaces and accessible areas for all ages. By carefully addressing these factors, you can create a compliant, sustainable, and visually appealing pool in Spain.


Getting the right approvals

Spain has specific regulations regarding the construction and refurbishment of swimming pools. Obtain the necessary permits and ensure compliance with local building codes and safety standards. Building a new pool requires a lot of consideration as it is a more stringent approval process that often takes up to 12 months, where pool refurbishments are approved much faster.


Getting the balance between cost and quality right

Due diligence in procurement is paramount. It's about more than just cost; it's about finding the balance between quality and affordability. Knowing where to source materials or services of high quality at a reasonable cost is key. This meticulous approach ensures that every investment maximizes value, mitigating risks and ensuring the project's success.


Get the right help

Engage with experienced architects, designers, and builders who understand the local regulations and climate. A qualified professional can guide you through the design and construction process, ensuring a pool that not only looks great but also functions effectively.

Project Management

From inception to completion

Effective coordination, risk mitigation, and constant oversight, averting pitfalls and ensuring the project stays on track. Ultimately, it's the linchpin that transforms vision into reality, ensuring a seamless and successful construction journey.


Maintaining control throughout

Regular reporting is the compass in construction projects. Staying updated allows swift response to issues, maintaining control over progress and ensuring timely course corrections. It's the key to proactive management, preventing small problems from becoming big setbacks.

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