Villa Sirokko

A small piece of heaven. The perfect mix between Spanish hacienda architecture and contemporary functionality.

A complete refurbishment

Exterior Refurbishment: The villa's worn exterior received a complete facelift. Weathered walls were revitalised, wood work and roof tiles were restored, embracing the timeless elegance of Spanish architecture.</p> <p>Interior Revitalization: Inside, the transformation was equally breathtaking. Walls once cloaked in dated colors now gleamed with crisp, neutral tones, reflecting the Scandinavian influence. The refurbishment entailed new flooring, upgraded fixtures, floors and redesigned spaces that flowed seamlessly from room to room, including opening up the kitchen in scandinavian style.</p> <p>Garden Landscaping: The villa's rejuvenation extended beyond its walls. The garden, once a neglected space, became an outdoor sanctuary, introducing lush greenery, vibrant flora, and carefully placed accents. An outdoor kitchen and seating area brought new life to the outdoor expanse.</p> <p>Pool Renovation: At the heart of the outdoor oasis, the pool underwent a remarkable transformation. The once tired and outdated pool was revived into a modern marvel. A comprehensive renovation saw the pool resurfaced, featuring sleek tiles that echoed the villa's new aesthetic. Upgraded filtration systems and lighting added functionality and ambiance, transforming the pool into a focal point of relaxation and enjoyment.</p> <p>Finishing Touches: The refurbishment project was not merely about aesthetics but also about functionality. Updated electrical systems, plumbing, and energy-efficient solutions were seamlessly integrated, enhancing the villa's efficiency and modernizing its infrastructure.

ARK Lighting & Ambience solutions

The client valued ARK's commitment to enhancing the property's atmosphere, turning every corner into a captivating visual delight while seamlessly aligning with the villa's refined aesthetics.

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Skilled craftsmen meticulously restored the façade, replicating intricate carvings and majestic features. Grand windows were introduced, welcoming visitors with renewed awe.


Modern amenities seamlessly blend with classical charm inside. Original fireplaces, adorned walls, and high ceilings resurrect the mansion’s opulence. Neglected rooms now boast cozy nooks and luxurious bedrooms.


Overgrown garden areas were transformed into picturesque landscapes. Manicured lawns, hidden pathways, and a revived lounge area invite residents to explore and linger amid vibrant flowers.

Pool Area:

The neglected pool area emerged as a serene oasis. Azure waters, mosaic tiles, and comfortable lounge chairs surround the revitalized pool. A modern sauna house adds luxury and functionality to this tranquil space.

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